In this blog we will share with you our vision of beauty, balance, harmony.

As Mark Leach writes in his book Raw Colour with Pastels: “Sound is all around us, and it is musicians who refine that sound into something of beauty. As a painter, I have always felt that my purpose is to craft colour in a similar way, to see through the confusion and seek harmony and beauty.”

And we add: Words, fragments of sentences, spoken noise is all around us, and Ken arranges words in such a way as to capture beauty in the accidental, the ambient soundtrack of life.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Kind of Proud

Blau - Blue 38,5 x 48,5 cm pastel/ink by Karin Goeppert


is a fixed bayonet
with which you
run screaming toward the enemy’s trenches.
It’s me ready to shoulder through a pack
of young muscular Turks
blocking the sidewalk, Karin’s shivery fingers
in my hand as she trails a little behind
muttering idiot, idiot, let’s cross the street.
Too late, honey, we’re surrounded.
But we cross the street anyway. It’s almost never too late. 

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