In this blog we will share with you our vision of beauty, balance, harmony.

As Mark Leach writes in his book Raw Colour with Pastels: “Sound is all around us, and it is musicians who refine that sound into something of beauty. As a painter, I have always felt that my purpose is to craft colour in a similar way, to see through the confusion and seek harmony and beauty.”

And we add: Words, fragments of sentences, spoken noise is all around us, and Ken arranges words in such a way as to capture beauty in the accidental, the ambient soundtrack of life.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Lawine - Avalanche 100 x 80 cm mixed media with coffee on canvas c/o Karin Goeppert


He once aspired to be assistant Secretary-of-State
for Caribbean Affairs, and then he aspired
to the post of cultural attache´ in one of those
glittering gulf states famous for its opulent shopping
malls and jewel-encrusted mosque. And now
he spends his days in the bars of Tapioca Bay, Florida.
We end up on a park bench, near the
Confederate equestrian statue
whose head was stolen by frat boys in the 80’s—never
recovered; people still talk about it—position ourselves
beneath a shabby palm tree and eat the cool flesh of a mango. Slowly.
Wonder briefly about the symbolic use of a headless statue in this poem.
Then stop wondering: inconsequence dines on our spirits,  
like that razor beaked vulture, whatever her name is—
she might be German—tearing out the liver
of some Greek politician, eating it, then repeating the process,
further proof that everything sort of recurs. We are lost again
in the precincts of a fun-haunted tableau. Cuban dancers are lining up.
Girls with legs up to here. While an old man smiles at his trumpet.

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