In this blog we will share with you our vision of beauty, balance, harmony.

As Mark Leach writes in his book Raw Colour with Pastels: “Sound is all around us, and it is musicians who refine that sound into something of beauty. As a painter, I have always felt that my purpose is to craft colour in a similar way, to see through the confusion and seek harmony and beauty.”

And we add: Words, fragments of sentences, spoken noise is all around us, and Ken arranges words in such a way as to capture beauty in the accidental, the ambient soundtrack of life.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Schmerz - Pain 29,5 x 21 cm


I’ll take a slab of roast veal in olive oil
per favore with some lemon and rosemary
sprinkled on; and did I mention the vino rosso
something alla magnifico whatever

guaranteed to the hilt of its coat of arms
while on a windy Etruscan hillside
in the midst of several self-abusive hallucinations
cavorting among themselves near the dappled compost

heap, I, or someone like me, enthroned upon an African chair,
spot a tall naked girl, vibrantly unreal, her skin
all honey and olives in the white light as she saunters across
the desiccated grass. But she’s not your run of the mill
   pagan apparition. No.

In fact, it’s not difficult to imagine her
with a rolled up Elle or Vogue in her fist
swaying fiercely in the middle of a sagging bed
smashing against the white washed walls
   of our cheap pensione
the whining succubi of Italian night.


Portishead - Sour Times
Roseland New York


  1. Gail Sibley wrote on July 7, 2013:

    Hi Karin, When I first looked at this, I saw a dancer, like a Caribana dancer with ruffles at the ends of pants, and could feel the moves and feel the music. And then I skipped over to your blog and was shocked to see the word 'pain' associated with the piece (and yes, I can see that now) but also glad to see Mark's words about Sound all around us. This was a perfect example of bring our own experience and perceptions to art. Thanks!!!

  2. Thank you so much, Gail, for looking at it and commenting. I appreciate it.

    I am sorry that you cannot comment. Unfortunately I have no idea why.


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