In this blog we will share with you our vision of beauty, balance, harmony.

As Mark Leach writes in his book Raw Colour with Pastels: “Sound is all around us, and it is musicians who refine that sound into something of beauty. As a painter, I have always felt that my purpose is to craft colour in a similar way, to see through the confusion and seek harmony and beauty.”

And we add: Words, fragments of sentences, spoken noise is all around us, and Ken arranges words in such a way as to capture beauty in the accidental, the ambient soundtrack of life.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

"How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?"

Bad Hair Day 23 x 18 cm


Let’s face it—as you look into the mirror at that
mask you’re saddled with—beauty is more compelling
than truth. Nobody will pay you a thousand bucks

an hour to stand on a soap box in the park and recite
all of your great ideas. And who really gives a shit? Not even you at times.                                                                                                
If you were pretty enough, people would stop, at least pretend to listen, goofy

unguarded smiles on their lust encumbered faces. A well-dressed
fastidious little man from a modeling agency just might
slip you his card. You wouldn’t have to be obnoxiously

smart anymore. As if anyone cared who invented stream-of-consciousness.
It exists, we more or less enjoy it, some of us fish deeply in its shallows. Basta.
All I know about Wittgenstein, by the way, is that he had funny hair. It sort of leaned to one side.

At some European film festival, Natalie Portman, obviously
blown away by all the fuss, is demure in the swift explosions of light,
Bardot, Jean Seberg hawking the Herald Tribune, Sissy at the drug store

in Nashville sucking a straw, unaware of her magic, Romy Schneider
looking like a Greek goddess in a black and white publicity photo from the 50s.
Goethe and Schiller side by side, practically hand in hand, always the same age,

and if not beautiful then at least heroic, noble, which is nearly as good, it lasts longer,
and still the classic targets of shit-dropping birds. If Goethe was right, then
“Youth is a disease that time cures.” Substitute beauty for youth, and we can call it a day.

American Gigolo - Call me, by Blondie


  1. Great post! There are a lot of places where beautiful people are the only ones who count, but Southern California is top of the list. Celebrity and beauty seems to be the highest value. For me, I'll stick with truth.

    1. Thank you, Katherine. We are glad you like it.
      Ken is from Northern California - not much different there!


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